Op-Ed: Equipment for Redlands Passenger Rail Project will be most advanced available

Over the past several months, several misstatements have been made regarding various aspects of the Redlands Passenger Rail Project (RPRP). In the coming weeks, I will put forth factual information about the Rail Project so that residents of the communities that will be served by the new rail service might be correctly informed.

One set of misstatements has spread confusion about the type of equipment that will be used.

Will it be the large locomotives hauling passenger cars that are used by Metrolink to provide commuter service to and from Los Angeles, or will it be a more innovative smaller rail vehicle like those used throughout the country to provide transit service at a more economical level?

The federal and state environmental review processes require the consideration of alternatives that minimize, lessen, or avoid significant impacts associated with the project.

For the RPRP, the analysis of alternatives included examining the impacts of multiple transit modes, including commuter rail locomotives and cars similar to Metrolink; diesel multiple units (DMU); battery powered locomotives; light rail transit; and bus rapid transit.

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One thought on “Op-Ed: Equipment for Redlands Passenger Rail Project will be most advanced available

  1. The compelling concern has NOT been whether SanBAG will be using DMUs or another LRV…It has been the lack of TRUE and TRANSPARENT “public involvement” that engages with BIDIRECTIONAL conversations. Why do you suppose these SanBAG meetings are held ONLY during working hours when the taxpayers which goes to support SanBAG are actually working? Among other vulnerabilities of the RPRP includes the ERRONEOUS accounting. It is NOT $202 million as indicated in the EIR. That number was used to allow developers to apply for the federal Small Start Up grants (transportation project needs to be under $250 million) and TOD (Transit Oriented Development). Keep the eye on the ball … it’s the MONEY and love of (other people’s) money.


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