HERO Program Can Save H2O

Are you aware that the Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO) program can be used for a range of water conservation projects including artificial turf, drip irrigation, rotating sprinkler nozzles, weather based irrigation control systems and drought tolerant landscaping?

It’s true. However, there are a few things you should know.

For drought tolerant landscaping there are some requirements such as:

  1. Product installation area must replace existing live turf grass area.
  2. Requested finance amount may include costs related to the following scope of work items:
    • Removal and disposal of existing turf grass material
    • Site preparation for drought tolerant landscaping installation (i.e. grading, weed barrier installation, etc.)
    • Installation of eligible drought tolerant landscaping options (i.e. decomposed granite, permeable pavers, gravel/rock, etc.)
    • Installation or conversion to eligible irrigation options (i.e. drip irrigation, rotary sprinkler nozzles, etc.)
  3. Requested finance amount may not include costs related to the following scope of work items:
    • Installation of live plants or other biodegradable plant material
    • Removal of pre-existing hardscape areas (i.e. patios, driveways, pools, etc.)
    • Installation of landscape water features (i.e. ponds, fountains, etc.)
    • Installation of any other products/features not listed as eligible in specification number 2
  4. All products must be installed to manufacturer specifications and industry best practices.

For more information about HERO and water conservation, visit them on the web

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